Friday, November 28, 2014

Last but not least: Gathering memories at the New Tampa Regional Library Roadshow!

After three years and 31 roadshows, we wrapped up our countywide travels!  On November 8, 2014, The Library History Roadshow crew celebrated the final Library History Roadshow at New Tampa Regional Library, located at 10001 Cross Creek Boulevard in Tampa.  

New Tampa benefits from a culturally diverse population, who find common ground at the library and access to its vast resources in common to broaden their world.  On that bustling Saturday morning, so many library patrons popped into to the Jeri Zelinski Community room to take a look at our historical photographic display of images from the library’s beginnings, as well as Burgert Brothers photographs, marveling at how the regional has changed.  

Visitors flipped through the library’s collection of scrapbooks that chronicled the history of the New Tampa Regional Library -- from the construction and opening – to being able to witness a wide variety of programming for children and adults over the years through newspaper clippings and snapshots.

Listen to what some patrons had to say about the New Tampa Regional Library and what it has meant to improving their quality of life. 

Grandmother Linda Morales talks about how the library staff is helpful in showing her new technology and that the library is great for bringing her grandchildren. 

Sai Geddapu also attests has been enjoying New Tampa Regional Library also brings children to pick out books and media.

Anna Elizabeth talks about getting their first library card and her mother, Grace Amparo Callahan shares that she loves the selection of audio books in Spanish.

Robert Johnson is new to the area and talks about getting his first library card at a historic Carnegie library in Philadelphia. Moreover, he expresses why libraries are so important for a community and for personal growth and opening the mind to literary classics and travel.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to record their library memories and enriched our Library History Collection. These video memories will be archived in the library’s Digital Collections. Kudos to the Friend of the New Tampa Regional Library and T.A.B. volunteers for supplying and serving a plethora of refreshments and supporting this event! 

Although this Library History Roadshow event was the last scheduled to travel among Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Libraries, the opportunity to record your library memories continues!  You may send in your library memories and memorabilia for inclusion into our ever growing Library History Collection, accessible via the libraries Digital Collections, or schedule to have your library memories recorded by contacting the Florida History & Genealogy Library (located at the John F. Germany Public Library) at 813-273-3652 or

It is important to document the public library experience for future generations to understand the evolution of Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Libraries within their growing communities.  Years from now, every piece of our community’s history is precious in understanding the past.  Here is your chance to prove you were there. 

Check out the library’s Centennial programs!