Thursday, November 21, 2013

Riverview Branch Library Fondly Remembered and Cherished by Community

From 10 am until 3 pm, there was a steady flow of  attendance at the Riverview Branch Library History Roadshow on Saturday, November 16th. Following the history of the library, which was built on the site of a worm farm, children enjoyed a worm-themed story time and gummy worm snack activity while the adults enjoyed tasty refreshments offered by the Friends of the Riverview Library. 

  Several scrapbooks were on hand for roadshow visitors to peruse and an historic Burgert Brother's photographic display, specially created for the event by librarian David Parsons sparked memories of how the library came to be in Riverview. Many notable people from the library's history came to the roadshow to speak about their involvement in its development and to expound upon its services and commitment to the community.

Before the library was constructed, there was bookmobile service to Riverview. 
Friend of the Library, Judy White used to drive the Bookmobile in Riverview before the library existed and has been a supporter of the library since its inception.

Linda McMullen Alfonso, daughter of the founder of the Riverview Library Association, came and recorded her memory of her father's endeavor to establish a permanent library in Riverview. Without his leadership, it might have been many years before there would be a local library.

Library advocate and former library board member, Alice Storms and her husband Nat came to the roadshow and shared their memories. Alice's leadership with the library board was pivotal to the creation and expansion of many libraries in Hillsborough County over the decades and we thank her for all her hard work over the years! 

An original Friend of the Riverview Library, Betty Hancock tells us about her husband's role in the acquisition of the land on which the library was built. 

We were moved by the Vargas family's love of the Riverview Branch Library and their love of reading. July shared with us their collection of photographs of their girls growing up in the library and participating in a variety of library programs.

Patricia Moore, with her daughter Laurel, also shared photos of her children growing up at the library and brought in many of the crafts and awards they received over the years participating in activities including the annual baking contest.

Thanks to everyone who came out the the Riverview Branch Library History Roadshow and to the hospitable branch staff. We had a great time gathering your library's history!