Monday, June 4, 2012

Seminole Heights Library History Roadshow a Success!

The Seminole Heights Branch Library Roadshow was a success! Many people from the neighborhood came out and shared their memories.  In case you missed it on May 6th, here is a quick photo summary of the event. 

Suzanne Prieur (of Seminole Heights Preservation), Gene Howes (documentary film writer and director of Seminole Heights: An Intimate Look) and Bernadette Storck, (former librarian when the library re-opened in 1965, former Florida Library Association President) served on this library history panel, discussing the history the Seminole Heights Branch Library in Tampa, FL.

Below, Evan St. Ives, Treasurer of the Friends of the Seminole Heights Library, explains how this library was named, as well as future plans for the new library building, slated to open in the fall of 2013.

Mary J. Barron, who grew up in Seminole Heights, recalls riding her bicycle to the library...

Mary talks about reading the fairytale books compiled by Andrew Lang, which are available through the library's catalog or online.

Pat Benjamin, President of the Friends of the Seminole Heights Library, describes the reasoning behind the creation of their Friends chapter.  (Note: The audio is quiet on this clip, so please turn your volume up. A louder version will be posted soon!)

In case you are unfamiliar with our Friends of the Library chapters, they are organizations of citizens who share a passionate commitment for a strong library system. They function like a booster club for the library, working to strengthen the library's collection and support an array programs for the citizens of our community. Membership is open to all!

We were fortunate to have Harriet Ellington come to the roadshow. Harriet was the first African-American library assistant to work at the main library in the 1960s. She describes what it was like to work for the Tampa Public Library during the civil rights era and how working with the Tampa Public Library changed her life.

Below, Beverly Morrow talks about coming to the library when it was located in Memorial Park. She also brought her son to the current library building, where he developed a love of reading.

David Harvey tells us what it is like working as a security guard at the Seminole Heights Branch Library.

The participation in these Library History Roadshows continues to show us that Hillsborough County is rich with a variety of experiences and a shared history that revolves around the neighborhood library.  At each event, there is always an unexpected memory or artifact that surprises and enlightens our perspective about how libraries function as cultural hubs within the community and enrich the lives of so many individuals.

For more on the Seminole Heights Branch Library Roadshow, check out the articles published by the Tampa Tribune and the Seminole Heights