Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ruskin Branch Library History Roadshow, 4/15/2012

The Ruskin Branch Library, one of Florida's first rural libraries, was founded by the Ruskin Woman's Club, whose membership and community initiatives continue to thrive. It is located at 26 Dickman Drive in Ruskin, Florida, nestled along a beautiful tributary where wildlife, including manatees, are frequently sighted.

On Sunday, April 15, 2012, the Hillsborough County Library History Roadshow crew visited the Ruskin Branch Library to gather their library memories.  Check out the photos from this event!

A variety of people from the Ruskin community came out to have their photos and memorabilia from library events scanned for the archives. We were able to record some interesting memories about the Ruskin Branch Library, past and recent.

Hear Donna Allmond's memory from 1956 about her grandmother bringing her to the library when it was located within the Ruskin Woman's Club.  Her grandmother, Martha Ekker, also had a role in the opening of the current library facility.

Listen as "Joni" Maschek shares her pivotal involvement with the library's history.

Mac Miller has lived in Ruskin his entire life. He remembers the Ruskin Branch Library's beginnings...

Ruskin Branch Library staff member, Cheryl Licata shares what it is like working at the library.

Hear why the Ruskin Branch Library helps Eugenio Ramirez improve his quality of life.

Gathering these memories helps us to understand the importance of public libraries in Hillsborough County.  Capturing the library's history creates a better sense of community.

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